Real Estate (8/6/2020)

Resale$659k – 817 N Notre Dame Ave.$629k – 112 S Niles Ave.$499k – 114 S Niles Ave.$450k – 433 E Corby Blvd.$450k – 735 N Notre Dame Ave.$325k – 910 Sorin St$325k – 704 Corby Blvd.$179k – 918 E Jefferson Blvd.$169k – 712 E Jefferson Blvd.$129k – 708 E LaSalle Ave. New Construction$679k – $852k

Beth Szweda

Greetings fellow East Bank neighbors! My name is Beth Szweda, I am the owner of Correct Property Tax LLC. I recently moved my business into The Commerce Center on Colfax St. I purposely moved my business into the East Bank neighborhood because of the strong community ties and neighborhood pride that is evident to anyone

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