Events this Week (8/27/2020)

Thursday, Aug. 27Zumba6:00 p.m.Howard Park Thursday, Aug. 27Virtual Fall Fashion Show7:00 p.m.Ali on the Boulevard Friday, Aug. 284:30 p.m.Friday Night Dinner @The Marine Corps League Friday, Aug. 286:30 p.m.Pure Barre Park Pop-upHoward Park Friday Aug. 287:00 p.m.Live Music by Jake from StarHartIronhand Vineyard Saturday, Aug. 297:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.River Valley Farmers MarketThe Commerce Center […]

Railroad in the East Bank

The railroad came to South Bend in 1851, with the first through train in October of that year. The line, after consolidation, was known as the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern, but it didn’t traverse the East Bank area. Later, in 1870, the Michigan Central line came down with a branch line which terminated at […]

East Bank Health

Unfortunately, with many gyms closed or operating with restricted access, it is difficult for us to achieve our fitness goals.  But never you fear!  The great outdoors is our friend.   The East Bank Neighborhood offers wonderful outdoor exercise opportunities that are safe for the public even during a pandemic. A prime example of this is […]

East Bank Architecture #2

In this second installment of East Bank Architecture, the spotlight is on the LaSalle State Bank Building, current home of architecture firm Buccellato Design. This neoclassical building was designed by H. G. Christman and completed in 1921. Records indicate the LaSalle State Bank may have become insolvent during the Great Depression, closing in the 1930s. […]

Events This Week (8/20/2020)

Thursday, Aug. 206:30 p.m.Darryl Buchanan’s Soul R&BMotown ThursdayIronhand Vineyard Friday, Aug. 216:30 – 7:30Pure BarreHoward Park  Friday, Aug. 217:00 p.m.Live Music by Lucas MinerIronhand Vineyard Saturday, Aug. 227:00 p.m.Chill Vibes with DJ EthanIronhand Vineyard Tuesday, Aug. 256:00 p.m.Yoga With KimmiHoward Park Tuesday, Aug. 257:00 – 8:00 p.m.Live Acoustic Flow:Yoga & Live MusicHoward Park Wednesday, Aug. […]

Puttin’ on the Ritz

Nabisco introduced the Ritz Cracker in 1934. Looking to compete with a similar cracker made by their competitor, Sunshine Biscuits, they tasked an employee, Sydney Stern, to create a name and advertising plan. Stern created the name Ritz, which appealed to individuals suffering in the Great Depression, offering them “a bite of the good life”. He also […]