East Bank Ink Process & Checklists

Weekly Process

Thursday by 11:00pm have stories submitted online.
Saturday by 11:00pm proof to group for review & edit.
Sunday-Monday review & edit by group.
Monday finalize by 11:00pm
Tuesday print.
Wednesday deliver to USPS.
Thursday deliver to community.

Below are two checklists.
The first is the process to write an article.
The second is the weekly editor’s checklist.

Article Submission Checklist

  • Get a login for your EastBankInk.com account. Facebook message David Matthews: https://www.facebook.com/dmmatthews your e-mail address, name, and preferred user ID.
  • Write your story (or copy and paste it) in the a new “Post” via this link: https://eastbankink.com/wp-admin/edit.php
  • Don’t “Publish” the story. Use Save as Draft when composing:
  • Make sure Author is your name, and under Categories, deselect “Uncategorized” and select the category your article fits in.
  • When you are ready to send it to the editor, click the “Pending Review” box and then click “Save as Pending.” Now the editors know they can grab your story for publication.

Editor Weekly Checklist