East Bank Architecture #1

Greetings everyone! I’m Eddie Jurkovic, East Bank resident and curator of South Bend Architecture, a social media project dedicated to appreciating the amazing architectural legacy of South Bend. The East Bank is blessed with a rich and diverse assortment of beautiful and architecturally significant buildings.  Within its limits you can find amazing structures of various styles and eras. East Bank Architecture will highlight neighborhood locations with architectural, historical, and cultural significance. Our first spotlight is the former South Bend Hose Co. 3. City records indicate South Bend Fire Station #3 was first built in 1858, with other sources listing 1887 as the first year of service. The South Bend Fire Department was run by volunteers from 1852 through 1887, a potential cause for this discrepancy. Station #3 was one of 11 fire stations in the original city network. Station #3 was decommissioned in 1953, but its recently renovated form still graces Hill Street today. If you are interested in South Bend Architecture, feel free to check out the project on Instagram (@southbend_architecture) and Twitter (@architecture_sb).